Hydrating Rose from REN


The English skin care brand REN uses the latest hi-tech bio actives, is free from skin-unfriendly ingredients and is gorgeously pleasurable to use.
And of course available at YOU Stockholm!

Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Oil
Is an ultra-moisturising oil with an amazing scent or roses. it is formulated to give dry and dehydrated skin a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore glowing softness, comfort, plumps and radiance the skin.

Ultra Moisture Day Cream
This cream is specifically formulated with a moisture replenishing complex to leave dry skin soothed, comfortable, optimally hydrated and looking beautifully healthy. It helps the skin repair and replenish the important moisture barrier for a more beautiful and smoother skin.

Together, this REN-combo is beyond amazing!
Just like…YOU!

Lisa Hagberg was @YOU


Lisa, this gorgeous, natural red haired, super curly awesomeness of a woman came to see Sarah for a light trim of the curls! 

Cutting curly hair requires you to assess the curls individually, instead of cutting in a uniform manner. Failing to use special curly hair techniques can result in a pyramid shape or extra frizz.
Sarah customizes every single cut and, as you can see, the result is stunning! <3


Amazig vein removal @ YOU


Together with our amazing beauty therapist Lena Claesson we are now able to present the amazing EVRF® – Radiofrequency ablation! In English, that means that we now can treat loads of different veins, like spider veins, petechia, rosacea and all sorts of varicose veins!

The ablation of varicose veins is based on thermocoagulation. The principle of thermocoagulation is heating the vein which makes it coagulate. This rise in temperature is achieved by sending a high frequency pulse into the tip of the needle. Because of the rise in temperature the EVRF generator
EVRF generatorproteins in the arterial wall will solidify and make the vein disappear. The body will automatically cause the blood to healthy veins and the restoration of normal circulation interrogator the superficial veins. The treated vein becomes scar tissue and will after time to be absorbed by the body.

Small veins on the face or on the legs are treated with a needle holder in combination with the special designed thermocoagulation needles with an extremely sharp needle tip. Due to this, the treatment is almost painless and causes only very light stains that completely disappear within a few days.

With the EVRF®, very little to no bruising or swelling have been reported
– and the results are amazing!

If you want to book an appointment with Lena, you can call 08-23 88 88 and for more information about YOU Beauty and our treatments, please click HERE!

Remember, it is all for…YOU!

Tom Thomasson was @ YOU


Tom Thomasson came in to see Adam and to get that perfect, modern take
on the1950’s quiff.

Tom, this is so…YOU!

To book your appointment online with our gentlemen specialist Adam, please use this LINK
or call 08-23 88 88.

Looking forward to seeing…YOU! :)