Quench your thirst!



Give your hair a good “after-summer-drink” with the Bumble and bumble’s Quenching line!

The products are designed specifically for hair that is damaged and thirsty due to heat exposure, whether it be from heated styling tools or from your home heating system.
Not only does Quenching moisturize the hair, it also repairs and restores damaged locks!

The Quenching line consists of 4 products: shampoo, conditioner, masque, and a leave-in daily restorative complex.

Love the sun, protect yourself and prepare for summer with You Stockholm! <3 

Hanna Makowsky back @ YOU

Hanna came back to YOU, and this time to see Jack. She cuts her hair about once a year and is very particular with who does it…and we are super happy that she decides to return to us every time! :)

To boost and separate the curls, Jack uses the product range from Bumble&bumble that really focus on bringing out and enhancing the curls – Bumble&bumble Curl Conscious shampoo and conditioner, and the Curl Defining Creme to bring out the luscious locks!

Sandra Silbersky back @ YOU


The longed after cut and color with Jack really put a smile on Sandras face!
She uttered a sigh of relief when she recognized her self in the mirror again. Off with the old and in with the new, bright and popping hair colour and cut!

To keep everything smooth and in place, Jack used one of his favorite products. Satin Design from Shu Uemura. It gives a nice shiny finish and a long lasting brilliant result!

You Beauty Bestsellers: “This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum” from Davines


Davines More Inside This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum is one of our best selling products here at You Stockholm!
This is also one of the award winning products of Sweden beauty and cosmetic awards 2014!

- The product’s dry texture gives medium hold to the hair making it mat.
- Gives slight modeling action
- Does not grease the hair
- Provides modeling action with medium hold
- Adds matte, elastic texture to hair
- Free of paraben & added colorings
- Will not “flake”
- Will not dry out the hair

Follow the blog to se the rest of our top selling products here at YOU! <3