Daniel Gheysari back @ YOU



Daniel came in to see Adam and to do a bit of a makeover. Daniel wanted to move away from his current quiff to a more laid back, side swept, “young Leonardo DiCaprio-look” and Adam, as our
gentleman specialist, created just that look for him!

To maintain the soft and swept look, Adam styled Daniels hair with two of his favorite products from Bumble&bumle, The Grooming Creme, which gives the hair a polished and elegant look, and the SumoTech, which gives a
lo-gloss elastic look and keeps the hair in place.

Balmain Extensions @ YOU


We are proud to present ourselves as The Balmain Hair Flag Ship Store – and we are equally proud to have our excellent colleague Victoria as a certified Balmain Hair extensions specialist!

Balmain works with the highest quality hair extensions and aftercare, always offering 100% guarantee on their products.

 You Stockholm is the only destination in Sweden to offer the revolutionary new service… Balmain Système Volume as well as the
traditional Balmain fill in extensions.

 To get the right hair, just for you, call us for a free consultation or click HERE for more information!

Always full @ YOU


We are happy and excited to always be able to treat YOU
with a full stocked fridge of Nobe Aloe Vera!

Nobe Aloe Vera is very good for you. It contain less sugar than juices or sodas, and has no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The drink is completely non-carbonated and should be well shaken. The Aloe Vera in the Nobe drinks are real Aloe Vera. It is a plant with a jelly like flesh that creates a pulp in the drink, like when you drink orange juice!

All the Nobe Aloe Vera contains 50% pure Aloe Vera ( that means it is VERY good for your body) with a dash of the natural flavorings of Mango, Citrus, Peach, Grapefruit, Kiwi or Orginal – and it contains no more sugar than regular milk!

The best of all –  it’s yummy in the tummy!

Anna Yttergren was @ YOU

AnnaYttergren-compressed (1)Gorgeous Anna Yttergren came in to see Solmaz for a fresh, cool-after-summer-but-still-sunkissed color. And that was exactly what she got. Perfect base, amazing highlights and a cool tone made Anna’s blue eyes pop!

To maintain her hair perfect for as long as possible, Anna bought with her the new series Dicipline from Kerastasé, the products invigorates, adds shine and removes frizz, as well as the Fabuloso Platinum Blonde too keep the cool tone popping!

Solmaz can really transform your hair to define YOU! And, one of the best things is that: You can book an appointment with Solmaz ONLINE!
Just click HERE  - 
and select “Color 120 minutes”, the name “Solmaz”, and what day you would like to come,

it is as easy as that! =)

Hope to see you soon! Have a happy weekend!

Linnéa Thyrén was @ YOU


Jack and Linnéa met for the first time – and it was magic! From a quite ordinary hair cut, Linnéa left the salon with a long, choppy, sexy cut and A FRINGE! Hurray!

To get the hair rough and sexy, Jack finished off the look with Bumble&bumble CitySwept finish, a spray on wax for that street-styled look…yeah baby!