Good Morning to You:)

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Good morning everybody:) We hope you had a super fantastic Christmas break filled with love and a bit of party;)

Now there is just enough time to catch our breath and make ourselves even more beautiful before New Years Eve!


Youl Kalender…Lucka # 24 MERRY CHRISTMAS:))

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Dear friends!

We @ You wish you a wonderful Christmas with lots of good food, rest, hanging out with family and friends and loads and loads of love and laughter!

We sincerely hope that you all found something on our calender that made you feel happy and/or inspired…that´s the whole idea;)



ps: A very special thanks to Hanna E and Beatrice for your awesome efforts in our first, super dooper….. Youl Kalender!


And the winner of our Be Gorgeous Extensions is..

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We amazingly had over 300 hopeful people enter our Be Gorgeous event on Facebook and we just wish that you could all be winners!!


Yesterday we @ You did a “lottning” with all of the names of the people that entered and in the end came up with 1 winner!

The lucky winner of a set of Be Gorgeous hair extensions worth up to 9200 sek is…..


Congratulations Ida!

Please feel free to call us to book to book the first step…your consultation!

The response to this event was fantastic so for those of you that didn´t win this time…don´t despair…there will be more great opportunities to join in on so STAY TUNED and THANK YOU for participating this time!

Good luck next time;)


And the Winners of our Kevin Murphy packs are…

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Here are the names of our 10 lucky winners of 1000 sek worth of Kevin Murphy products:

Ellen Mattsson

Åsa Andersson

Fia Falkman

Ulf Nordlander

Rihta Persson

Josephine Hermansson

Karla Björk

Caroline Körkkö

Pia Larsson

Ottilia Vilhelmsson

So.. all you need to do now to receive your prize is to mail us at: and let us know your address and hair type. Our friends at Kevin Murphy will send your prize home to you, or if you are in town just pop in to You Stockholm and we can help you choose the products that are perfect just for You;)

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to You!:))


Youl Kalender…Lucka # 23

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Sometimes things can get a little straight and routine right?

Well…they call it the silly season so why not step outside the box and go a little crazy with your hair at one of the seasons party´s like…New Years Eve??!

Therece says..”Whether you are light or dark, embrace colour and get hold of some hair-colour-spray or dress your hair with golden glitter or feathers”!

Go on…express yourself;)


Youl Kalender…Lucka # 22

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When we think of Christmas we often think a lot of sparkling decorations, wonderful shiny Christmas trees, the candlesticks, all the gifts and we love that…

But… for those that like the more quiet, minimal version of Christmas in your home – Here’s some beautiful inspiration for you of a bit more organic, simple yet fashionable feel for Christmas!

Nice too!


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