Youl Kalender…Lucka # 6

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There’s a lot to do during December in Stockholm! Snow or not, you can still find that cozy Christmas feel around the city. Here’s 3 tips from us of what you can do when you have a little bit of time off!

*1 : Christmas Fair in Gamla Stan. Put warm clothes on and walk around in Gamla Stan – Enjoy all the little red lodges selling everything from candy, cheese, pork, meat and handicrafts…cozy;)

*2 : Svansjön (Swan Lake) , Dansen Hus. It’s not everyday you go to see a ballet show or a theatre but his one is to recommend. It’s the classic story of Svansjön but in a very different version. Streetdance with ‘Benke’ from famous Bounce, music from Money brother and Salem al Fakir and a cool twist to the story. Why not buy your friend or your parents a ticket and go see the show together. It will be fun!

*3 : Go ice skating in Kungsträdgården. What’s a better winter activity than this! You don’t even have to bring own skates, there’s plenty to rent on location with payday loans now! Cruise around to the sound of lovely music and when you’re done you can grab a cup of hot chocolate in the cafe´s next to the ice rink and rest your bones for a while. You can browse around these guys at for more info about this topic.


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