You want some Candy?

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Mulberry’s spring/summer campaign is nothing but delicious, colorful, sweet and fun! We love it! Eternal sunshine! :)

/ Beatrice

Take it and make it You!

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Get the look:

1) Blow dry your hair with a good mousse like Kevin Murphy Body Builder by tipping your head upside down for extra volume…why fight gravity;)

2) Using low speed but high heat on your blow dryer, use your hands to scrunch and bend your hair into the desired texture.

3) Once you have a solid base, use products like Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair or EVO´s Water Killer Dry Shampoo, to get a messy dryer feel. For extra volume, use Dust It Powder by OSIS and squeeze into your style.

4) Detail with your Mason Pearson brush to create area´s of contrast.

5) Go get em!


You Details…

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You…ain´t nothin but a….

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…huge inspiration!

Elvis is one of the most influential men of all time…even for hair!

When You got it…You got it;)

Thanks Elvis!


Noomi Rapace back @ You

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Coolest Noomi Rapace…Swedens hottest star was back @ You and had her hair cut with Steve:)

Rock on!

A teaser for You…

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We @ You are happy to share this Cover of Australian VOGUE shot by Nicole Bentley with You!

Not only is it a cool cover with great hair but it´s also a spring teaser…;)



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