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Get the look…Big, Cool, Catwalk Volume

Photo: Sonny Vanderlelde Back Stage @ DSQUARED

Hi Friends!

Now…Heres a look for you that is super hot on the catwalk and can be used as great inspiration for the fast approaching party season.

1)Start by using a great Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner like AESOP Volumizing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner

2) Apply a firm but not crunchy Mousse like Body Builder by Kevin Murphy from roots to mid lengths….remember the volume comes from the roots;)

3) Blowdry your hair with a good Blowdryer. We use PARLUX with a cold button by tipping your head upside down and browdrying your hair away from the scalp to create max volume….a tip is to use the cool button on your blow dryer to set the hair away from the scalp. Now use your CERA WAND to create movement by taking large random Sections and winding you hair away from the face.

4) Apply a small amount of dry hairspray, Percy and Reed Hairspray is great, to the root and mid-length area…let dry a touch and back brush ( like back combing but using a brush;)your hair using a Mason Pearson brush leaving the end area free from back brushing.

5) Spray in a good Dry Shampoo like Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo to the roots for extra stability

6) Brush through the surface of the shape with your Mason Pearson Brush to create the desired shape.

7) Finishing buy spraying the brush with a touch of hair spray and gently brush over the surface to get a cool finish.

8) Lock it down with a surface spray holding the can 20-30 cm from the head….DONE!


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