Welcome in:)

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We all start as strangers but that’s easy to change :D Come pay us a visit at YOU or at and let´s get familiar :D

Hope to see you soon!


Today’s Inspiration for YOU;)

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Hair is fun;)

Enjoy it;)


Get the look…instruction video Step # 3 the finish.

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Ok Folks so here it is…Step 3 in our get the look video series featuring Magime of X Factors J.E.M.

Hope you have enjoyed this series and have maybe picked up a few insider tips and tricks;)

Take a look here: Step 3 the finish


AWA´s look….the YOU way:)

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Hi friends:)

Hey…we have been getting a LOT of compliments and questions about how we did AWA´s hair this Friday on X Factor.

Well, Juliette put in a huge effort (even if it looks effortless) to give AWA just what she was looking for.

More length and a more defined curl.

We think that Juliette did an amazing job …and here is how she did it!

1) First we purchased some clip in, real hair extensions.

2) Then we prepared the hair by blowdrying in Davines Thermal protect shield for heat protection and then Shu Uemura Ample Angora Mousse to get the right texture.

3) Next we curled all of the extensions using a Cera Wand.

4) To get the right texture in Awa´s own hair we used Davines Oi Oil to reduce frizz and to increase control and also curled Awa´s own hair the same way.

5) Now Juliette clipped in the extensions at different levels to achieve a natural look and the ends were trimmed.

6) The hair was now shaken out to bring all of the hair together:)

ohh yeah….Isak assisted in the prep too;)

Thanks Isak;)

Nice job Juliette!



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Cool and super nice ORUP had his haircut last Friday before the X Factor live show:)



Get the look…instruction video Step # 2 Curl.

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Hey Friends:)

Together with the crew @ X Factor we made a step by step series with loads of insider tips and tricks to get the look which is proving to be super popular:)

Here´s step #2 on How to get  J.E.M´s Magime look from last Friday on X Factor:)

Take a look to get it: Step 2 Video: Get the curl.

In the video we show 2 products we used…here they are.

Cera Wand and Redken Fashion Work 12 Hairspray

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