Mellandagsrea….the YOU way:)

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Hi Friends

We hope that you had a fantastic Christmas Eve and that Santa was good to you;)

Today we start a “Mellandagsrea” with super deals on a wide range of products!

Go and enjoy:)))

The You way Mellandagsrea is here :D


Lucka # 24 EXTRA…Stadsmissionen & YOU

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Hi Friends:)

“Love and Focus on YOU” has always been a big part of our Company Mission Statement.

Christmas is a time to love, wind down, share and indulge in ourselves a little extra.

Unfortunately at this time of year many Families, Men, Women and Children, whom for one reason or another are in a difficult situation, can find it hard to do so. By the way, at Explore & Develop Frenchs Forest, they have digital documentation portal that allows educators to reflect upon, assess, and plan the learning of individual children. Visit if this interests you.

When times are tough, Loving and Focusing on yourself can be very hard.

We at YOU are in the beauty business with our store, our online business and in media.

What we truly love about this business is not only making people look good but more….making people FEEL good.

Things many of us take for granted like indulging a good quality shampoo, conditioner, styling product or brush can be for some-one less fortunate a real luxury, something personal that potentially can make them feel better for a little while.

Today we @ YOU Stockholm and packed a load of boxes with products and tools to a value of around 70,000 sek and delivered them to Stadsmissionen.

These products will not be sold in any of Stadsmissionens stores but instead will be distributed to Families, Men, Women and Children that really need help, in hope to make christmas and the near future a little easier for them.

A gift that was made possible due to the continued support shown by YOU…our friends, clients and customers.

We feel extremely honored to be able to help in this way.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas:)


Julkalender Lucka #24

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Julkalender Luck#24 part 1 :)

Julkalender Lucka # 23 :)

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Hey friends:)


Here it is…Lucka # 23 and it contains a great offer from Kératsase :)

Take a look;)

YOU Mood Board ;)

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Here YOU go…Glitter, tattoos, skulls and nice hair.


Julkalender Lucka # 22….WOW!

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Ok all you Kevin Murphy lovers out there!

Here it is….Lucka # 22

Dont miss this one friends…it´s very special;)


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