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 We asked Jack about a great restyle he did with his client Catarina today.

MOdell YouStocholm

– So this was a big transformation. My client had hair way below the shoulders and I changed it into a soft undercut bob, says Jack.

How did you do it?
– I undercut a lower section into the back of the haircut to give off a fresh, edgy feel. This line then followed around into the sides to give the haircut a nice flow and shape to it. Texturing deep into the hair gave me a really nice air like texture to the styling and will enable the haircut to grow into a beautiful shape, says Jack.

Where you, or your client, ever nervous?
– No way! We were both totally confident that she would rock the look! And one of the best things for me is to be a part of a big change, to be able to transform and create. I love that!

What did you use to style it?
– Most of the texture is cut into the haircut so the styling is effortless. I applied some Shu Uemura Ample Angora which is a really light mousse, to the ends of the hair. This just gave the ends a little more seperation which helped show off the lines and natural texture of the cut, says Jack.

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