Sofi Fahrman & YOU

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Wow…I have just had the maaaaadest week…so much stuff going on, loads of really cool projects and meetings happening both with work and personally and there just isn´t enough hours in the day…

I simply have not had time to sit down and blog anything worth blogging…sorry guys!

Anyway…this week has been busy but its also been so great…especially Friday when my neighbour here on SOFIS MODE… Miss Sofi Fahrman joined me at YOU to film something that we think will be really cool and something new for (coming soon…I´ll keep you posted;)

All I can say is…great energy!
Hey you…why not check out my own blogg too ?


Linda Öhrn Lernström was back @ YOU

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Linda Öhrn Lernström, Editor in Chief for VeckoRevyn, came in @YOU for a session with Juliette! Just in time to look smashing for the quarter finals in Idol.
It is always so nice to see you Linda!

And Hey You…have a nice weekend now, yeah!!! <3

Caroline Roxy was @ YOU

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The talented, gorgeous and SuperLongHaired-Caroline Roxy was at YOU for a colour with Sarah. Carolines hair is super long and has a great quality so Sarah loves to work with her hair!


Metro Mode Makeover @ YOU

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Yet again we have the totally amazing crew from Metro Mode Makeover in the salon – and they are ROCKING IT!

This show is going to be so good, do NOT miss it!

Until it airs, check out what we did on the last episode of “MMM”!


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Today Fazli from GHD was @ YOU to keep the YOU the team up to date with the latest GHD news and techniques in a “hands on” workshop. Yes…we dig the new ghd Eclipse.

We all had a blast! <3

Remember. Everything we do, we do it for…you!

Embryolisse @ YOU

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Sincere, Simple and Efficient. That is how Embryolisse would like to present themselves, and we are happy to see them on our shelves!

Embryolisse’s products help restore skin tone and elasticity while protecting your skin; leaving it smooth, gentle, and supple. With the use of technology and the most up-to-date research regarding the skin, Embryolisse Laboratories has improved the specific formulas for healthy and natural skin.
The products preserve the biological balance and assure anti-aging prevention of your skin. The simplicity of Embryrolisse’s products minimizes the risk of allergy and respects the natural balance of your skin.

Love –  and cherish – the skin you’re in!

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