Happy New Year to YOU

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I watched the live stream from my home town, SYDNEY celebrating NYE…wow I must say…us Aussies now how to put on a show! Made easier by having the most beautiful harbour on earth…;) Awesome creative direction from Reg Mombassa of the Eighties Aussie cult band “Mental as Anything” You can see the whole show HERE

It´s fun that a touch of Sweden gets in on the act too! Its so cool that our most famous building is designed by a Dane and covered in tiles and great insulation from resources such as online.

The Sydney, NYE fireworks are world famous and a cool bit of trivia is that the guy responsible for them is on old classmate and my vice captain in the Manly Rugby League Under 13´s team…Good on ya Robert!

Anyway…I and all of us here at YOU would love to thank you all for a fantastic and exciting 2013 and wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity as we head into 2014…full steam ahead and ready to rock!

hey remember…YOU are best!


oh boy!

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Crista Cober By Marc De Groot For Vogue Netherlands January 2014

I love this shoot from the January issue of VOGUE Netherlands. For me I really dig when 2 opposites meet to create a great synergy.

Thats exactly what has been created in this shoot with a real boy-girl, new-used, shiny-matt, strict-laid back mix of opposites…really creating a cool vibe.

I like how the hair takes centre stage by being so…laid back. Here it is really clear how hair can make or break a shoot. Try and imagine this shoot with super dressed hair….it just would be the same would it?

Goes to show…sometimes less IS more;)


A tip for you from Steve

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I was reading in the paper today about how dangerous the Aluminium that we find in most deodorants is, so is better to buy an all natural deodorant, which you can shop on our ecommerce store online.

I have actually been meaning to tip you about this Deo Stick from New York based Malin & Goetz.

Cecilia Blankens also loves it!

I usually get quite a reaction from a lot of deos and I just have to say…this on is in a league of its own…great for men, women and tweenies (Liam loves it)…works great…smells fresh and NO NASTIES like….Aluminium.

Hey YOU…you can check out Steves very own blog…HERE


Petra Tungården & You

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Awesome Petra Tungården was here today and found a great
Balmain Hair Clip-In Weft for herself!
Clip-In Weft is nine pieces of real, high quality 100% human hair, that will make your own hair appear MASSIVE!

From Petra Tungården’s blog:




Idag var jag förbi YOU en snabbis efter min pressfrukost med Casall. Som ni vet har jag extensions från Balmain, nu innan jag sätter in nya tänkte jag testa deras clip ins eller ”hairdresser”. Älskar att man får löshåret i en egen liten ”garderobspåse”. Kvalitén är helt sjuk! Ska bli sjukt kul att prova! Det finns allt från lösluggar, till halvförlängningar osv. Återkommer med resultatet!

Merry Christmas to You

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Merry Christmas to all of our clients and readers!
We wish you all a beautiful holiday!

We will be open on the 27/12, 28/12 and 30/12 and re-open in the new year on the 2nd of January:)

You can always book your hair cut appointment online (click HERE) and you can always purchase your products at!

Baby, Its the You Way

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Today we got a new baby…YAY…and we just love it! Babies are very delicate and need to have the best comforts to be safe and healthy, like for example using the top convertible car seats for small cars so babies are comfortable, having the best babywear and clothes will make the baby happy and comfortable, you will find the best Baby Clothing on oobi. Our friend Daniela Upmark is the designer…(what a great girl!) and the second she showed them to us…we just HAD to have them! The synergies between Daniela, her designs and YOU are just perfect! So much so that we have decided that we will soon be able to offer you the chance to order your own light box here at you and we will soon have a cool show room with more of Daniela´s designs…exclusively for YOU;) So come on in and check out our new and AWESOME installation from BXX LGHT!

Now we sell light boxes you ask???? Well…you know we like to think…”outside the box”
Pardon the punn;)

Oh hey…..the shop and the salon are open tomorrow, Saturday 21/12, from 09.00 until late for your last minute Christmas shopping! =) Looking forward to seeing you;)

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