Metro Mode Makeover Ep 3 @ You

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Have a look at the latest episode of the great and inspiring show Metro Mode Makeover!

If you look closely ( don’t have to look THAT close =) ) you might see someone you recognize =)

We had an awesome time shooting with Metro Mode! Make sure you see all episodes, you can find them all HERE!

Remember…it is just for…you =)

Gift Card @ You

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Gift card

Give someone the best experience ever for Christmas!

Come by You Stockholm and pick up a personalised gift card, you can never, ever, go wrong with this! You can use it on hair or beauty products, or on any of our many wonderful treatments.

It is the ultimate Christmas gift for…you!

YOUtorial time

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Hi all!

Hey this is something that I have been patiently waiting to share with you…now I can…YAY!

Recently we filmed our very 1st YOUtorial!

We chose to make Number 1 with the fantastic Sofi Fahrman:)

Now…this is not your standard tutorial folks…it is made to really capture the essence of our brand…YOU.

Please take a look….I really and truly hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it…oh….and that you pick up loads of cool tips along the way:)

If you are interested in checking out the products we used…just take a look HERE


Linda Hallberg Loves Hair Dress

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The one and only Linda Hallberg has tested the awesome Hair Dress from Balmain! You can find it here at You Stockholm! Read even more about it HERE!



Linda1 När jag fick nys om Hairdressen från Balmain så haffade jag en på en gång. Jag har ju haft hårförlängning, men det slet väldigt mycket på mitt hår. Då funderade jag på clips, vilket också sliter på håret. Sen fick jag veta om hairdressen från Balmain, som man hänger på huvudet med en typ “fiskelina”? Man lyfter upp en del av håret och så hänger man bara på den. Så att den hamnar mellan över och underhår. Skitsmart, och det sliter ingenting. Jag har även färgat min, eftesom jag blivit mörkare i håret, och eftersom det är äkta hår gick det hur bra som helst. Min hairdress är 40cm och jag tycker det är finast när den är lite lockad. Erbjudandet hittar du på salong YOU på birger jarlsgatan! Och missa inte att du kan få 3 för 2 av mina favoriter på Theyouway nu innan jul! (klicka på bilden för att komma dit)

Sofie Vinblad @ You

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Sofie Vinblad2

Sarah turned Sofie Vinblad’s hair color into a drop of sunshine!
She came in on a dark December night and when she left, she totally lit the place up with her new hair color. Copper gold with a few highlights around the face made Sofies brown eyes pop.


You Beauty @ You

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We at YOU are happy and proud to now be able to offer you the best skin care in town, with the opening of our new bespoke Beauty Room and with that the appointment of one of Sweden’s, most sort after and popular specialist esthetician Lena Claesson.
With all new machines of the highest quality and function and a big dose of passion for YOU. We hope to offer you the most intimate result driven bespoke skin care available.
Welcome to You Beauty.

You are welcome to look at our menu of what we can do for you. We know skin care and we love to prepare a unique procedure just for you. Maintaining our integrity, we have decided not to be attached to one particular brand. This enables us to provide the very best, unique treatments personalized just for you with products from our wide selection of high end beauty treatments. We invite you to see how it works.

Let us worry about the world outside. Just take a breath of air, relax and just be…you.


Our Beauty Room is headed by Lena Claesson who has been a medical aesthetician and a nurse since 1981. During her 33 years in the business she has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience. All these years of experience has thought Lena just about everything there is to know about your skin and skincare. Lena has traveled extensively in search of the best treatments and products, and skin care devises in the world…now they are published here at YOU for YOU. Lena is responsible for the YOU beauty room and is also a key trainer for different treatments equipment and products .

-“I work a lot with different unique combination treatments to achieve the best possible results for you. My goal is to help you to look and feel as good as only you can . I want to give you the help and knowledge you need to maintain a good skin health . We coach you until you think your skin is manageable on your own” / Lena Cleasson


– Before each treatment we will analyze your skin to be able to provide the very best service for you. Using a digital advanced skin analysis APM skin Analyzer, we can measure the moisture, elasticity, sebum, pore size, melanin, bacteria, wrinkles and oxygen transport in the skin. We also use an ultrasound scanner to take pictures and measure your skin’s exact age.

A time for you to consult with Lena about what treatment might be the best one for you. Lena will guide you and toghether you will plan your treatment. Consultation is included if you book a treatment. 
490:- SEK for 30 min

Dermapen opens up the skin barrier using small needles and adds active ingredients deep into the skin layers. Needling stimulates the skin’s natural collagen, which will help to restore the skin prior density, improve texture of the skin and smoothens out wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, reduces pigmentation, makes thin skin a little bit thicker, reduces different types of scars and reduces enlarged blood vessels. The treatment is comfortable because the intensity  of the Dermapen is customizable.

Dermapen is a safe controlled and effective rejuvenation technique that stimulates the skin for firmness. It is an intensive treatment for ageing skin , hyper pigmentation, rosacea , dry skin and sensitive skin, milia, acne, scars, vascular, sagging skin, sun damaged skin and minimizes skin pores.

Dermapen ( needling ) Price List :
Area around the mouth, eyes or hands                       2300 kr for 45 min
Face, neck                                                                      2.900kr for 45 min
The face, neck and dekolltage                                       4200 kr  for 75 min
Personal regimen of three times                                   4500 kr for 75 min

Chemical peels will improve your skin’s texture . The chemical peels  that we deliver here at You Stockholm has been subjected to the regulations, rules, and studies to provide  the correct biotechnological medicinal substances to treat various skin conditions . The treatment ranges of chemical peels are wrinkles, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, acne and acne scars, rocacea and overly oily skin.
Price: From 1500-1900 SEK for 60 min

In addition to an immediate increase in firmness, given the visible and tangible , long-term improvement of skin tone.
Price: 2900 SEK for 60 min

Powerlite Peeler is an intense exfoliation with ultrasound ( LDM ), which rejuvenates the skin with noticeable effect, smoothens out, deep cleans and lifts the skin.
Price: 1795 SEK for 45 min

“The party treatment . Gives you fresh , glowing skin” .
Includes coloring of lashes and brows.
Price: 1500 SEK for 45 min

Facial for men or the teenager who is looking for a quick cleaning and pore cleansing .
Price: 1395 SEK for 45 min

We color your lashes and brows while you get an lovely Champagne eye mask !
Price: 495 : – SEK

Let Lena guide you through our beauty products to select the very best for you. Pick her brain of all her knowledge about beauty!
Price: 1490:- SEK for 60 min

For more information and bookings, please contact us on 08-23 88 88 and don’t forget to check the Facials and acne treatments in Hollywood FL at

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