Youtorial #2 with Angelica Blick

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Enjoy friends:)

We know about Rodial @ YOU

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You Stockholm’s Beauty Manager Kristina and Skin specialist Lena now know everything there is to know about the exciting brand Rodial.

Rodial skincare delivers targeted treatments to specific skin concerns, combining the best of anti-ageing and firming ingredients with plants, flowers and natures own beauty products. Hanna Kelly, Head Trainer for Rodial had been flewn in from London to educate us, and what an education it was! Rodial really do have something for everyone. No matter if you have sensitive skin, are prone to acne, dulled skined or just want to look like a movie star, Rodial’s got the goods!

You can already now find best sellers like Snake Serum, Glamoxy and Dragon’s blood here at and in the salon at Birger Jarlsgatan 37!

Teaser: Now in March a new line will be launched! It is called Rodial Super Acids! Blending both synthetic and natural fruit acids, the Rodial Super Acids collection may just leave your skin smoother than you ever thought possible! It is already a favourite!

Remember. It is all for…you! =)

Prêt-a-powder @ YOU

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Yes! Now it is finally here! Prêt-a-powder from Bumble&bumble!

It is an “All-in-one hair powder” featuring dry shampoo,
style extending, and volume benefits!

It will extend the life of your blowout, it has a strong oil absorption and great volume-boosting benefits. Great for all types and textures, yet ideal for hair that’s missed a wash or two, this must-have powder will leave hair looking clean, fresh, and voluminous!

Volume for YOU!

Hanna Träff was @ YOU

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Hanna Träff

Bubbly Hanna Träff had a great day here at You Stockholm! Great hair cut, great products and as she is a student, she got 20% off her hair cut!

If you are a student, you can have a student discount if you book in for a hair cut on a Monday or a Tuesday!

Only for…you!

Paradoxe @ YOU

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Submersive SERUM PARADOXE from Beauté Pacifique contains two biologically active ingredients, Resveratrol and Procyanidin, both providing an cellular anti-damage effect. Submersive SERUM PARADOXE  “submerge” deeply into the skin and simultaneously filling open pores and camouflage imperfections at an instant. It is like magic!

Instant benefits:

  • The perfect base for a perfect make-up.
  • Improves visually large pores, uneven pigmentation and blushing skin tone.
  • Adds a visible glow to your make-up.

Long-term benefits:

  • The Serum’s content provides amazing anti-age results and minimizes problems with excessive redness (e.g. skin with a Rosacea-look)
  • Provides cellular defense against aggressive free radicals.
  • Works on sun-damaged and aged skin.
  • Contains two types of Vitamin E to strengthen the skin from within.

We at You Stockholm are proud now to be able to offer you this fine serum which is the latest launch from Beauté Pacifique. We can also offer you a wide range of other Beauté Pacifique products here in the shop.

So, come on in! We’d love to see more of…YOU! =)

Linda Hallberg @YOU beauty

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Linda Hallberg was in for her second visit with Lena here in our new Beauty Room…YOU beauty.
Looks like it got pretty interesting;)
See what happened here: YOU Beauty

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