Greta Colloca was @ YOU

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Greta Colloca

Greta had the most amazing cut with Juliette. Free, flowy, light and super trendy. That fringe is to die for! It is So YOU! =)

Next to Greta on the table is our exciting brand Rahua. The name comes from from a highly potent, restorative oil called  Rahua (ra-wa). The oil has been used for centuries of women deep in the Amazon rainforest. The products work in a unique way; the extraordinarily small Rahua oil molecule deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex – bonding and repairing it – while simultaneously smoothing the hair’s cuticle, giving thick, flowing, lustrous hair! 

The Rahua products are 100% natural, organic, vegan and free from sulfates and parabens.  You can find the brand here at You Stockholm, or at The You Way. 

A very nice SÖNDAG shoot @ YOU

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Some time ago, there was a competition in the YOU-bible in Aftonbladets Söndagsbilagan and the price was a makeover with Steve Terry!
Today we met the super sweet winner here in the salon and fulfilled her every styling-dream!
The result will be revealed in a YOU-bible soon!
Do not miss!


A big jar of LOVE @ YOU

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Not only can we make you hair gorgeous, your color shine and your skin glow, we can now even provide a big jar of LOVE just for YOU! 

“It was in 2012 that Johan Bülow first expressed his Love with this sweet liquorice coated in white chocolate and tossed in cascades of strawberry kisses. Love is sold from Valentines Day to Mother’s Day. By the way, for the mother’s out there who are looking for excellent mommy makeover surgeon praciticing in New York City, visit to schedule an appointment and choose the type pf surgery you like.

The most practice surgeries are the small ones as lip augmentation, face lifts, nose and cheeks beauty change which you can get done at the best Doctors Plastic Surgery, and the more big surgeries such as bottom surgery for any type of body you might want or the most popular ones which are the breast augmentation or breast enlargement as this surgical procedure is to increase the size of woman breast and is the preferred one among woman every where in the world. This could be the perfect gift for her. So check which is the best option for you or her and maybe  if considering breast implants are the option for you to gain greater confidence and self esteem to enjoy more with your body, Come see us for an appointment , we will be waiting for you !


Even when the jar is empty Love is in the air.”

Deryn-lee Mardon was @ YOU

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Deryn-lee Mardon

Deryn-lee Mardon came in for a session with Jack. And she rocks her new look!

To maintain this awesomness Deryn-lee brought with her Bumble&bumble Thickening Creme Contour. A styling cream that shapes, defines and separates really thick hair.
And she also took the chance to get a Forceful 23 from Redken that keeps that amazing hair style in it’s place!

Elin Laghammar was @ YOU

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Elin came in for a cut today with Sarah. Elin had not had a proper hair cut for YEARS and she was so happy today when Sarah manage to turn her long hair into a bouncy-luscious-fringy-sexy hair style! 

Elin confessed that she can not live without her favorite product Kevin Murphy Fresh hair! She loves the way it makes her hair feel and that it keeps the hair super fresh between washes. To maintain the healthy lengths and ends of her hair,
she also brought with her a “to go-sized” version of the Davines Oi/Oil.
Great for nourishing hair and keep it healthy!



Mirjam Majster was @ YOU

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Mirjam Majster

Mirjam Majster was lucky to get an appointment with the talented Juliette AND that on a Monday! The joy!
If you are as student, like Mirjam is (she is going to be a dentist, as good as a dentist Lafayette CO with no doubt!) you can get 20% in discount on you cut on both Mondays and Tuesdays! How sweet is that? =)

Mirjam could not believe the result of her amazing cut! After an old bleach those ends needed to come of, and a wonderful hair style emerged!
To maintain this style, Mirjam should come back to se Juliette in about 8 weeks.
Having your ends trimmed regularly is the best way to keep your hair healthy and bouncy!

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