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You Beauty‘s specialist esthetician Lena Claesson and her wonderful treatment Dermapen were featured in Topphälsa nr 5!
Take a look at the amazing results after just one treatment!


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We at You Stockholm wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! <3

We will be back in the salon again the 22/4 at 09.00!

You can always book your hair cut, or color, appointment online! Just click HERE to sign up and book the best time for YOU!
And if you are looking for products, is open 24/7! =)


Easter bunny - chocolate

Read the chat with Steve Terry here!

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Här kommer en chatt med stjärnfrisören Steve Terry om frisyrer, färg och trender! Steve svarar på engelska för enkelhetens skull

Kommentar från Carina
– Jag har gjort ljusa slingor i håret för ett tag sedan och nu har jag en utväxt på ca 3cm. Det jag undrar är hur ska jag få utväxten ljusare och inte övriga håret som redan är tillräckligt blekt.
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Carina:) The best thing is to do foil highlights at a hairdressing salon. Foils give more control and get closer the the scalp;) Ask for a T section and only have the colour pulled through up to to old colour…a few less highlights is nice to achieve a cool look and limit the next regrowth;) A good salon will help you in the right way:)

Kommentar från Emma
– Jag har alltid olja i håret och gör en oljeinpackning en gång i veckan. Borde jag låta vila håret vila från all olja? De gånger jag provat blir håret fett på en gång.
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Emma:) Oil is good but it also depends on what hair type you have. Try using a treatment with is more for Moisture and strength. Kevin Murphy has a great one called Born Again Treatment. I time a week will do. Try using a good quality shampoo and conditioner and then a treatment once a week. Use the oils as a styling product if you need extra control;) good luck!

Kommentar från Jenni
– Vad finns för bra budget allternativ för att skydda håret mot värme (plattång/hårfön) ?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Jenni! Im not sure what budget you have but…since I work with salon brands they are usually a little more expensive…saying that…they are usually worth it;) GHD has some good ones and they are not tooooo expensive…and they work;) Hope this was some help;)

Kommentar från Lollo
– Vilken är den absoluta största hårtrenden i sommar?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Lollo:) Well…there are a few…different strokes for different folks right;)) Old school braids is on that I think is great for summer…they can be dressed up to be quite formal, dressed down when you hit the beach or made cool when you are out and…thats a big one..or at least one I really like because it is so versatile:)

Kommentar från Madde
– Hej Steve! Jag är fräknig och naturligt blek i hyn. Vilken nyans på blond passar bäst till mitt hår?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Madde:) Sounds lovely…lucky you! Well…Im guessing you have kind of honey coloured freckles..but its just a guess;) I would say a pale strawberry blonde…like a soft honey blonde..nothing too gold or brassy but soft and subtle…but a good hairdresser can probably be clearer when they have you in front of them;)

Kommentar från Hanna
– Hej Steve! Jag undrar hur det är med färgning av svart asiatiskt hår? Kan man färga det t.ex. ljusbrunt utan att förstöra hela håret med blekmedel?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Hanna! Yes absolutely but what we usually recommend at YOU Stockholm is that you take it as a project and/or take your time…It is often easier and looks better if you leave the roots and use more of a highlighting technique..or panels of colour which saves you getting a root glow;) Go to a good salon…its worth it;)

Kommentar från John Doe
– Tjenare. Jag hade tänkt att spara till lite längre frisyr, men nu sedan nyår, har jag snabbt blivit märkbart tunnhårigare uppe på huvudet (har annars tjockt hår runt om) och jag börjar få lite panik över mitt hår. Kan man fixa en vettig frisyr trots begynnande tunnhårighet, eller är det snagg som gäller?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi…John Doe;) Ok Im guessing you are a guy…right? Anyway…yes you can have a cool haircut without having to shave your head but…if you are loosing a lot up top then a really short cut looks best I reckon! I have long hair besause I like it but would happily shave it …if more head shape wasnt like something out of a science fiction movie;) I reckon guys look best when they look like they are not trying tooo hard…right girls? ;) Dont stress about it man…

Kommentar från Erika
– Hur stylar jag mitt tjocka krulliga långa blonda hår som gärna blir frizzy
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Erika:) Start by using a shampoo and conditioner that will weigh down and control the hair. Then use an oil or serum before you blow dry. Now use you fingers and a blowdryer to get most of the moisture out but remember blow down the hair shaft not against it…it makes a BIG Difference. Now take a large round brush and taking big sections…sttrrreeetch it dowm:) Finish again with serum and …then spray some hairspray on to your brash and brush the hair through..its a great way to help control the frizzies;) Maybe I should do a howto on my blog?? What do ya say? Hope this was a good start anyway;)

Kommentar från Linda
– Hej Steve! Jag har långt hår (ombre mörkt uppe och blont där nere). Jag vill få en jämnare färg nu till sommaren. Ska jag färga hela hårt eller tror det kan bli bra med folieslingor?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Linda:) Sounds nice;) It depends on whether you want to go lighter or darker. If its darker…then a toner would do the trick…just be a little careful because if the ends are very light then you will need to use a pre-toner to get more red pigment into the hair so that it wont go green:/ but a good salon will know this…otherwise To go lighter…highlights will do the trick and even keep a slight Ombre vibe… have fun!
Nu tar vi kvällens sista fråga!

Kommentar från Lisa
– Hej Steve! Jag har färgat håret sen jag var 17 (är nu 25) och tappat jättemycket hår.. Har du några tips på produkter man kan köpa för att göra håret friskare?
Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hi Lisa;) Sorry you have lost a lot of hair due to colour. My tip is to be extra careful and its great that you are asking about products…There are loads of great products out there and Ill give you a tip but…generally be a little careful with proteins…many people think more protein in a product = better for my hair..not so. While protein is needs to be balanced with moisture otherwise the hair can go are 3 great products that should help. Kevin Murphy..Born Again shampoo, Conditioner and treatment…they rock! I know i have mentioned KM a few times but hey…I really like them;) Good luck :)

Kommentar från STEVE TERRY
– Hey thanks everyone…this was super fun:))) I hope we can do it again! and hey…I promise to work on my typing speed till next time;()natti natti och kram :)

Då tackar vi Steve som var grym! Och tack NI för massor av fina frågor.
Nästa vecka kör vi chatt igen – tills dess kan ni följa Steve på bloggen Ha en härlig kväll – och trevlig påsk!

Chat with Steve Terry!

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Have a question about hair that you just need to know the answer to?
Then put Steve Terry to the test TONIGHT at 19:00 in a chat at TheYouWay!
Click HERE to ask your question NOW and remember to
tune in to the live chat tonight! 

Plump it up @ YOU

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The newest line to join the KEVIN.MURPHY range is PLUMPING! 

Plumping means that you will get thicker, more plumped up hair instantly and also over time!
The range consisting of PLUMPING.WASH,  PLUMPING.RINSE and BODY.MASS. And we are proud to be able to offer you this range here at You Stockholm and also on our online

The polymers in the products give an instant result of fuller, thicker hair from the first application which will encourage you to keep it up!

New Arrivals @ YOU

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Travel-sized essentials from our beloved Aesop!

A selection of unisex travel-sized products from the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Skin Care range, essential hair and body care formulations and Aesop’s Mouthwash, presented in an elegant black microfibre case! Perfect for a long, or short, journey!

What is in it then?
Classic Shampoo 50mL
Classic Conditioner 50mL
Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 50mL
Rind Concentrate Body Balm 50mL
Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser 15mL
Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner 15mL
Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator 15mL
Mouthwash 50 mL

Totally perfect! Just for….you! :)

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