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1320756615_02 Hi folks…its Steve Here:) You know…I was making dinner tonight when I heard a wicked song come on to the TV.

It was “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde.

OMG…for me Kim Wilde in this video looks amazing!

The hair, the make up, the clothes, and the John Henric accessories UK …the lot…oh and such a coooool attitude!

Looking for modern, stylish and bold fashion clothing for kids? Learn more at

Super modern and super cool, special for kids to take to the Teddy Kids Leiden and cause some impressions!…by the way the song and video were recorded in…wait for it 1980.

1980 was the year I started getting into hair!

Ive been thinking lately that we might just be heading for an eighties revival…just a faint feeling…but you never know;)

Many say that the eighties were full of bad taste…maybe so but they were fun, expressive and experimental! Nothing wrong with that in my world;) So….secretly…I´m hoping for an eighties revival….especially if it looks this this…

Its Friday night…have a great weekend folks…..Enjoy:)


Diana Lagerkranz was @ YOU

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hämta (1)

Gorgeous, blue-eyed (…you kind of have to believe us on that one) Diana had a session with Jack and got her hair chic and layered with a warm, silky smooth brown color. Diana had never colored her hair before, but she was super impressed with the result that Jack came up with! 

To get the soft and sexy volume, Jack used his favorite product: Shu Uemura’s Ample Angora. Ample Angora is a lightweight volumizing mousse from Shu Uemura. It leaves hair soft with a medium-strength durability. The hair will NOT be hard or crunchy, just soft and voluminous :)

Jenny Henriksson was @ YOU

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The wonderful, sweet and gorgeous Jenny Henriksson came in for a cut and a colour. Sarah really made Jenny´s colour POP and gave the fringe a sexy 1970’s feel with a twist! Super hot!

To make the colour shine on and on, Jenny took home Fabuloso Copper Colour Intensifying Conditioner from EVO. It is a treatment that will intensify the pigments and make your colour last longer!

Young&Hydrated @ YOU

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Hydrate Me Wash is our best selling shampoo here at YOU! And no wonder that it is since it is light weight but super hydrating, moisturizing and protective towards dry climate – like ours here in the north. Hydrate Me Rinse, the conditioner, makes your hair instantly moisturized, invigorated, healthy and shiny. The Young Again Treatment is a really good all-in-one product, suitable for all hair types – even for thin hair. It removes frizz, protects hair from heat styling and is nourishing without weighing hair down. Leaves hair full of nutrition, smooth , strong and manageable.

Together, these three products are a force to be reckoned with!

Aaaand…Right now we have a super offer here at YOU Stockholm. If you buy a Hydrate me Wash AND a Hydrate me Rinse, we will give you a Young Again Treatment for free! (save 295 kr)

We can not think of a better way to celebrate this weekend! YEY!

Katarina Gröndal was @ YOU

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Katarina Gröndal

 Hi friend :)

Yesterday Katarina Gröndal came in for a cutting session with Jack.
Katarina’s hair looks amazing and has been washed with the new products from Kevin Murphy, Plumping Wash and Plumping Rinse <3

The Plumping line is a thickening shampoo and conditioner that boosts the density of the hair, Increases hair growth and prevents hair loss. Amazing products!
The PLUMPING.LINE contains a combination modern technology that is known to increase hair growth and reduce the onset of baldness. And it makes your hair look awesome!

Anything for…YOU <3

Recipe for men at a great price @ YOU

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Conceptually Recipe for men stands for logical skincare and no fuss. They won’t tell you they will “reduce wrinkles by 70 percent” or give your career a giant boost. They will tell you, however, that the products will make your skin look and feel much fresher and smoother, no matter how tough a life you live. And that’s what great skincare products are supposed to do.

The formulations are based on the best quality ingredients available in the world and are carefully selected to fit men’s needs. Oil-free textures guarantee quick absorption and minimize shine. Recipe for men develops and manufactures skin care, shaving and body care for men right here in Sweden. After launching the brand, their deodorant quickly became a huge success at the Swedish scene!

Aaand…right now we can offer you a smashing “2 for 1-deal” o our popular Recipe for men products here at You Stockholm! Yey!

We are waiting for…You!

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