A super duo @ YOU

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Hey You! :)

Here’s a great tip!

Used together just once a week the Maxi Wash Shampoo  and Born Again Masque will leave your hair cleaner, healthier and your colour more true and crisp! Yes, it is true!

Maxi Wash Shampoo is an exfoliating shampoo that is perfect for removing environmental toxins, product build up, discolouring…you name it it removes it without being hard on the hair and scalp. Wash 2 times and really rub the hair all the way down to the ends…its great!

Once towel dried after shampooing use the Born Again Masque as your conditioner but leave it for about 10 minutes (if you have time) as a treatment. If you don´t have that time a couple of minutes is fine. Its a wonderful treatment…

Its super conditioning but wont way down your hair….even try it on your hands as a hand cream…it’s that good!

Hope you find this duo as super as we do;)

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