Karin Myrenberg Fabers @ YOU

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Hey YOU:)

Karin Myrenberg Fabers came in to have a session with Steve to get her hair fierce and ready for the Cannes Film Festival where she will walk the red carpet for her acting roll in the movie “Turist” by Ruben Östlund! Cool!

Steve did an awesome job with Karin’s hair. A rock and roll, sexy and cool cut for a cooler girl and perfect for the red carpet in a gala gown ;)

Hey…heres a quick tip…to get that cool full matt finish…give this one a go!

100 shades for YOU

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Hey YOU :)

Heres a treat for you!

OPI are widely sought after by professionals and consumers alike for their high quality nail treatments, and beautiful nail lacquers. And not only can you dress your hands in the most lovely and sparkling colors from OPI here at YOU, you can also have a free polish put on by OPI’s head manicurist Sandra here in the salon on June 12th! Mark that date in your beauty calendar =)

We have over 100 shades of OPI nail polish here at YOU Stockholm for you to look through and marvel in! OPI’s vast range enables you to feel confident that your hands, feet and nails will look beautiful, healthy and radiant. OPI is one of the most successful nail care brands in the world!

Everything we do, we do it for…you!

Milena Bojanowska @ YOU

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Vicki and Milena

Milena is a regular client here at YOU and we love to have her here! She just sparkles of happiness and joy and you can not help but smile around her. 

Victoria did Milenas cool brown color today and styled her to perfection!

To get that extra, glossy and fresh feel of the hair, Vicki used Satin design polishing milk from Shu Uemura. A moisturizing lotion which will transform the hair and makes it beautifully polished with a silky feel. It helps protect hair against humidity,
frizz and heat styling.

Happy weekend everyone! <3

Boost @ YOU

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Today we had a big, sweet (but sugar free!) delivery!
Femme Boost has been re-stocked in our fridge and is ready for YOU! :)

Femme Boost is an energy drink made from 100 % natural ingredients. The caffeine, juice and sweetness are all solely from from nature’s own sources. Lightly carbonated and with a taste of grapefruit. A truly energizing boost!

Hey! Come by and try one!
We are waiting for…YOU!

A super duo @ YOU

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Hey You! :)

Here’s a great tip!

Used together just once a week the Maxi Wash Shampoo  and Born Again Masque will leave your hair cleaner, healthier and your colour more true and crisp! Yes, it is true!

Maxi Wash Shampoo is an exfoliating shampoo that is perfect for removing environmental toxins, product build up, discolouring…you name it it removes it without being hard on the hair and scalp. Wash 2 times and really rub the hair all the way down to the ends…its great!

Once towel dried after shampooing use the Born Again Masque as your conditioner but leave it for about 10 minutes (if you have time) as a treatment. If you don´t have that time a couple of minutes is fine. Its a wonderful treatment…

Its super conditioning but wont way down your hair….even try it on your hands as a hand cream…it’s that good!

Hope you find this duo as super as we do;)

Wellness & YOU

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Hi YOU!  :)

Don’t miss out on the latest issue of Aftonbladet Wellness Magazine! Steve did couple of beach look tutorials right here in the salon and they are just great inspiration for the summer. There is also a few really good deals inside the mag from Beauty The You Way!

If you had no chance to get the issue, we have posted the most important pages here in this blog, haha!

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