A very happy midsummer to…YOU <3

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We wish you a VERY happy midsummer!

“May the sun shine upon your SPF protected face and let your great hair color last throughout the holiday.
Make thy hair-up last through rain and shine, and thy well nourished skin glow in the moonlight.
Thou should deliver your hair from sunshine and bad hair products and make sure your hairdresser art the best for thy hair is your crown.
For quality and style is thy name

William Placht was @ YOU

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William came in for a “makeover”with Jack. From a quite “rough” style with long, flowy hair, William went polished, stylish and super cool! 

To get the “wave” just right Jack used Bumble&bumble Grooming Creme in wet hair, and styled it with Bumble&bumble Thickening Creme Contour. Finished off with a touch of hairspray! Smashing!


Prepare for Summer: Day Of Grace

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Day Of Grace Conditioner from Aussie brand EVO
, is a leave-in conditioner that suits all hair lengths, types and textures. Use this wonderful conditioner before styling your hair and it will feel super natural, shiny, conditioned and just plain…great!

Day of Grace also includes a UVA/UVB protection against the sun and for that, your hair will thank you!

Love the sun, protect yourself and prepare for summer with You Stockholm! <3 

Go Kokos @ YOU

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You Stockholm presents: NOBE ALOE VERA KOKOS

– Aloe vera means real Aloe. Aloe is a plant that is growing in West India, Central America and in Asia. The plants flesh is jelly-like and is often used in herbal medicine and in skin cream, people are often interested on reading more information about moringa since its natural products are very rich on vitamins. The plant creates a pulp in the drink like when you drink orange juice.

Nobe Aloe Vera is good for you. It contain less sugar than juices or sodas, and has no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The drink is completely non-carbonated and should be well shaken.

The new flavor Kokos is a beverage with 50% aloe vera flavoured with natural flavour from coconut. Without preservatives!

It tastes like a day on the beach!

Sweet offer just for…YOU

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Hey You! :)
Bumble&bumble was founded in 1977 in New York City and are today one of the hottest, fashion oriented hairdressing brands in the world.

So…here’s the deal…right now, as a special offer just for…YOU,
When you buy 3 Bumble&bumble products…you only need to pay for 2! The least expensive one is yours…for free!
This exclusive offer lasts until the 5th of July!

Closed between 5th – 21st of July
22nd – 28th of July our telephones and shop will be open.
On the 29th of July we are open for business as usual!
 Our place, our team and our energy is all focused on being
the best we can for…YOU!

Are YOU the ONE?

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