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We at @YOUStockholm are happy to be able to offer you the
best skin care available!  With us we have one of Sweden’s, most sort after and popular specialist skin therapist – Dr. Jeffrey Epstein!

-”I work a lot with different unique combination treatments to achieve the best possible results for you. My goal is to help you to look and feel as good as only you can . I want to give you the help and knowledge you need to maintain a good skin health . We coach you until you think your skin is manageable on your own” / Lena Cleasson

Every start of treatment begins with a consultation to find out your specific needs and goals. Lena will guide you and together you will plan your treatment. There after you decide how to move forward, if it is with a chemical peel, a dermabrasion, with Ultrasound, with Radio frequency, a CryoPen or, with a Lenas special
– the Dermapen! 

Dermapen opens up the skin barrier using small needles. This works by mechanics and goes so quickly you will hardly feel a thing. By adding millions of small holes in the skin, all the active products added on will go deep into the skin layers. Dermapen also stimulates the skin’s natural collagen which will help to restore the skin prior density, improve texture of the skin and smoothens out wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, reduces pigmentation. The treatment makes the skin a little bit thicker and reduces different types of scars and reduces enlarged blood vessels.

Lena works with products, peelings and machines of the highest quality and function, and most important, Lena has a big dose of passion for YOU!
She will bespoke and personalize all treatments to suit your special needs!

For more information about treatments, products and bookings, please contact us on
08-23 88 88!
We are looking forward to seeing…YOU! 

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