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We have got the latest and best beauty tip just for…YOU!

The “K” is taken from the German word “koagulation,” which means the formation of blood clots and it is precisely that what Vitamin K is best known for  – its ability to help blood to clot.

Vitamin K:

  • Helps fade and clear bruises
  • Works for all skin types
  • Reduce appearance of spider veins on face
  • Improve appearance of broken capillaries

Medical studies show that smoothing vitamin K cream onto a bruise can limit the leaking of blod under the skin and reducing the severity of a bruise!
Also, some dark circles under the eye area are caused by fragile capillaries leaking blood in the delicate and thin skin undereye area where the skin is so thin the blood is clearly visible in the form of brown bags. Gently tapping on a vitamin K cream can diminish the discoloration by causing the blood to clot, stopping it from spreading, while also helping to prevent further leakage. Vitamin K helps visibly brighten and reduce the appearance of dark circles, fatigue, bruising, after rubbing, surgery, allergies and fine lines, by combating the underlying cause of darkening.

Here at YOU Stockholm you can find two products with Vitamin K cream for the face which will help you with redness, sprider veins and bruises, and the Power K eye rescue from
Peter Thomas Roth which is great for dark circles under the eyes!

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