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IMG_1174-compressedLayered, fresh and awesome. That is Alina’s face-flattering cut after a session with Sarah. Such a wonderful healthy-looking hair! There’s actually so many benefits having your hair trimmed with a great stylist regularly:

1. You will avoid split-ends
Split-ends are a common concern. As the hair grows longer, the cuticle weakens and the hair and eventually breaks off. The split-ends starts at the tips and will just continue to move up if you don’t cut it off. The only solution to this is regular trimming. A great stylist will understand your hair and will suggest the best hair style to complement your face and personality.

2. Boosts Hair Growth
If you want to grow your hair long and healthy, it is not an overnight success. It is usually a process of tending your hair every day and every night, which include regular trimming. Not only will your hair look better while you are growing it out, a trim is giving room for healthy strands to grow and healthy hair is much easier to manage than a fragile, worn one.

3. Healthier Hair
By getting a regular trim, you’ll get rid of damaged hair. Plus, your stylist may also recommend you some treatments that suits YOUR hair the best. The treatments will to rejuvenate, moisturize and in some cases actually heal the hair. It all comes down to enhance the natural beauty of your mane.

– Looking forward to seeing…you:)

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