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So new and so…YOU!!
Super fresh and innovative products from Oribe are now here
– at YOU Stockholm!

Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold
Bouncy and supple with a brilliant shine! Just the only way to style curls! This lightweight glossing gel shapes and shines for ultra-hydrating control. A blend of Brazilian extracts, including passion flower, jicama and cupuacu fight humidity and deeply condition
for soft yet defined curls that hold all day.

Split End Seal Beautiful Color Treatment
What, colored AND luxuriantly healthy hair? Is that even possible you might ask? Yes, with this serious silkening serum and split-end mender is clinically proven to restore,
fortify, and preserve every shade of your color.
Clinically proven guys, that is some good stuff, huh?:)

Jonas was @ YOU

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Jonas Kristiansen Nøland traveled all the way from Norway to get a session with the talented Jack “Mr Magic” Lawrence – and his journey was clearly not in vain…Just look at that amazing, modern, awesome quiff, he also brought his ar 15 weapons lights to go hunting.
So cool and so…YOU!

If you want to book an appointment with Jack, or any of our talented hair stylists,
please call 08-23 88 88 or use this LINK to get on to our online booking system
and select the perfect time just for …YOU:)

Brightening Bubbling Mask @ YOU

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This is an unique bubbling and cooling mask that helps brighten and even
skin tone in only 30 seconds! Wow! 

The treatment transforms from a light blue gel to a white oxygenating foam, indicating that oxygen is being released into skin depleted due to the natural aging process. As the oxygenating action progresses, an effective skin brightening cocktail of symwhite, gigawhite, bearberry extract, mulberry and licorice helps to even skin tone and reduce UV induced skin pigmentation. The mask helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more luminous, healthy looking complexion!
We love! =)

In short: A radiance-boosting mask that evens out the appearance of skin tone, clarifies, detoxifies, and hydrates. And you can find it here at YOU Stockholm =)

Kajsa was @ YOU

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Kajsa Hessel is a regular client to Sarah and with this session they
took it further than they have done before!
With the most wonderful, deep, coppar color together with a fresh cut makes Kajsa’s pale skin, blue eyes and the cutest of freckles to pop!

To maintain that “sexy/messy/rough/shiny-look” Kajsa picked up the amazing product Dry Texturizing Spray from Oribe. It is not a spray, it is not a dry shampoo,
it is just…perfection!

She is so….YOU! 

Hey! Have a great weekend!

Christoffer was @ YOU

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IMG_6013-compressedSuch a good looking hair cut on such a good looking guy!

Christoffer Jönsson met with Stylist Catrin and got a good freshin’ up to welcome spring!
Christoffer is an old client to Catrin when she worked as a stylist in Kristianstad, and he has followed her all the way to YOU Stockholm!

Well, can’t blame him, when you have found a treasure like our Stylist Catrin,
you do not let her go =)

…Man, we love those glasses too! 

Kiki @ YOU

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Digital Queen Kicki Olofsson is not only sharp at her job at, she also has a sharp, neat, awesome, brilliant, cool hair cut made by Sarah!
…and yes, that is Kiki’s own, most splendid, hair color!

To get the volume and soft texture without making the hair stiff, Sarah used one of her favorite products, Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Spray, in towel dried hair to get a nice, controlled volume. To keep the ends toghether and to give the sleek feel and shine, Sarah added a few drops of Davines Oi/Oli. The oil gives the hair moisture, shine and protection – and smells totally amazing!

Hey:) Of course you can buy these products here at YOU Stockholm as well as booking a time with any of our amazing stylists!

We are waiting for…YOU! 

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