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Hey YOU!

We have a little news for you.
As most of you are aware, in September 2012 we created and launched our online store…at that time named
We created a whole concept around theYOUway which which was bought from us by Aftonbladet in March 2013 along with our online store.
The YOU way in turn replaced Sofis Mode and is now the focus area for Aftonbladets online magazine department.
The online store was renamed and since then we have continued to work very closely with as you know.
Since March 2013 has achieved massive growth and has established itself as a major force within the online beauty sector.
So… whats the news?
Well…we are happy to inform you that was this week aquried by Scandinavias largest online beauty retailer, ELEVEN.SE,  therefore we will no longer offer an online destination here at you, (you might have already noticed that the button is gone) which is something that we feel gives us the opportunity to continue to develop our concept, which we love so dearly, in exciting new directions.
With this we would like to thank all of our clients, suppliers and partners for your support right from the start when we were taking all orders in the back room here at YOU packing all orders ourselves and carrying them in big blue bags up to the post office every day:)
It´s been a great journey which we are very thankful for but now its time to hand over the reins to the new owners, wish them luck…and start on our next ideas;)
Thanks again folks and…stay tuned there´s more to YOU than meets the eye;)
Steve, Helene, Liam and the YOU CREW :)

Sanna was @YOU

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Straight down. Straight in. Fierce. Flawless and fabulous.
Sanna Risberg got the the perfect cut for her face and eyes – made by stylist Catrin.
The cut is simple but overwhelmingly cool.
And she really rocks it.

If you want to book a cut OR a color OR both with stylist Catrin,
you can always call YOU Stockholm at 08-23 88 88
OR use our super easy, super simple and super fast booking system online.
Just click HERE and choose the time that suits YOU the best!

Looking forward to seeing…YOU!

Linda was @ YOU

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From long to short. From lifeless to very much fully alive. 
Linda Berner took the step and with stylist Victoria’s help, she cut her
long locks in favour for a fashion
forward, flattering, long bob.
Absolutely fabulous!

To keep the hair separated, frizz-free, controlled and shiny,
Linda took with her the Easy Rider from Kevin Murphy
– a anti frizz créme with flexible hold that could be used in both dry and wet hair.

Deskmonkeys @ YOU

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Hey you!
Feels like the start of another awesome week here at YOU Stockholm… Especially if these three are up to
there usual tricks;)

Have a good one folks!


Peter Siepen @ YOU

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 Peter Siepen is multicultural multifunctional multitasking multitalent.
But even a multiman needs to get his hair
updated once in a while, and of course Peter turns to another multiartist
– hair guru Steve Terry!

To celebrate his new hair, a picture was in place!
Location outside, in front of the shop, with Peter’s new toy, a selfie stick!

…But that was not enough…Peter is a very….shy and timid person, but we really wanted to take a picture of him inside and…well…

Apparently there’s no way to do THAT with a shirt ON!


…well well well;)


It turned out pretty great in the end!


Peter…you are like a whirlwind of happiness, emotion and style.

We really like that you are true to…YOU!

Johanna was @ YOU

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Johanna Siewert Delle really rocks this blue dip dye!
The awesome blue effect was made by stylist Catrin with Revlon’s Fondant Nutri Color creme in the color “Turquoise”.

Revlon Nutri Color Creme fondant colours is a temporary color that will last for approximently 5 washes and it is used like a conditioner on the hair it’s not damaging or permanent, great for some fun without the commitment!

And that was just what Johanna was doing, a big party!
And with her blue hair we know she had a great time! 

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