Victoria was @ YOU

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Victoria Bastide used to have quite long hair, but which each visit to YOU
the hair has gotten shorter and shorter
…and the style has gotten fiercer!

The hair is now cut in a “modern crop” with tight sides and a bit of length in the fringe.
To style it, use Bumble&bumble Thickening Creme Contour, for hold and shine!

UnTangle @ YOU

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The world renowned hair stylist Kevin Murphy decided to make a new product to the already amazing product line. A product named UN.TANGLED!
The reson was that Kevin saw the natural, texturised hairs on models on the catwalk and in fashion magazines. That effect is sometimes not possible to create unless you have a hydrating leave-in product.

When Kevin works on set, he often needed something to smooth, hydrate and help to detangle, that created shine and elasticity on dry or stressed out hair.
A product betwee a crème and a spray. Then he created UN.TANGLED! It is wonderful for “wash-and-wear hair”, for curly hair or wavy hair, or simply as an addition to your regime to aid frizz, free with no tangles. UN.TANGLED is designed to be used as a ‘leave-in’ product and is suitable for medium to thick hair that requires hydration.
It really is a multi-faceted product.
It will detangle at the same time as giving added heat protection that will protect the hair up to 220°C.

It is really a miracle product!
And we have it here…just for…YOU:)

Anna was @YOU

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Beautiful blonde shade and a great cut. Anna Furbeck is now so ready
to take on spring after a session with Victoria! 

To get that super soft but yet stabile volume in Anna’s hair,
Victoria prepped it with Shu Uemuras Ample Angora.
A mousse that just keeps on giving:)

Helena back @ YOU

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Light peach and strawberry blonde…
such an edgy, cool color and Helena Malm ROCKS IT! 

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(@Youstockholm) for more inside news, tips and trix:)

….And hey…don’t forget to have an AWESOME weekend:)

Isabell was @YOU

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Isabell Stenberg got the “signature ombre-treatment” from stylist Victoria.
Lighter ends and darker roots is not only trendy,
it is also fun, versatile and very flattering. 

To book an appointment with Victoria, please call 08-23 88 88 or use this LINK to do an online booking for both cut and color!

Nice huh;)

Melanie was @ YOU

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From loooong and frail to short and sexy!
Melanie Hänhel made the perfect decision to update her cut, and stylist Catrin was there to help out and to shorten the hair with about 10 cm.
Such a flattering cut!

To get the best texture, volume and shine, Catrin used her favorite product,
the Dry Texturizing spray from Oribe! <3

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