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After a well deserved summer holiday your body, mind and spirit are relaxed and well rested and that is when it happens. The early-fall-bug! The inappropriate cold that hits ju the first week back on your job. Such a bad timing , you feel awful, your work suffers, everyone around you suffers and YOU suffers…that is no way to start the fall!

Instead, strengthen your body with Vitamin Well Antioxidant! Filled with Selenium and Manganese, Vitamin C and E AND has a glorious taste of Peach this little puppy will strengthen your immune system and protects your cells constituents from oxidativ damage. If you are suffering from injuries, visit sports injury physical therapy philadelphia pa services as they ensure you recover from any injury quickly and without complications.

 And they are healthy too. Vitamin Well drinks are only sweetend with fruit sugar. They contain 4,2 g fruit sugar per 100 ml.

However, if you want to go for something healthier, I’d suggest getting Custom Water pure water instead.

Vitamin Well Antioxidant also contains per 500 ml bottle:
Green tea extract 40 mg
Pomegranate extract 13 mg
Elderberry extract 13 mg
Grape skin extract 13 mg

So, keep healthy throughout the fall with YOU and Vitamin Well! 

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