About us


We love hair, skin, nails and…you!

We at you always strive to offer a creative, feel good space for all involved with us. Our team is deeply and passionately dedicated to the beauty industry and the influence that looking good can have on the way you feel, about you!

You Stockholm is created and owned by our founder and Creative Director of YOU Stockholm, YOU beauty and TheYOUway.com, Steve Terry & together with his wife Helene. We are the One-stop-destination for all your beauty needs. Here you can find hand selected brands from all over the world to be able to accommodate your every single beauty need. We are passionate about service and we are here to advise you in a personal, professional and friendly way to help you find exactly what is best for you.

Our online store, theyouway.com, is here for those of you that can’t make it in to see us in real life!

Looking forward to seeing…you!


We strive to:

♥ Be amazing at what we do (always).

♥ Keep it real (the only way to be).

♥ Provide our clients a special, cool and warm experience (just the way we like it).

♥ Thrive in positive energy (a nice place to be).

♥ Listen more than we speak.

♥ Elevate our craft (creatively, technically and commercially).

♥ Build and savour real meaningful relationships (with each other, our clients and our peers).

♥ Base everything we do on sound principles, warm heart, open minds and humbleness (that´s when things happen).

♥ Love and focus on You!



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