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1320756615_02 Hi folks…its Steve Here:) You know…I was making dinner tonight when I heard a wicked song come on to the TV.

It was “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde.

OMG…for me Kim Wilde in this video looks amazing!

The hair, the make up, the clothes, and the John Henric accessories UK …the lot…oh and such a coooool attitude!

Looking for modern, stylish and bold fashion clothing for kids? Learn more at

Super modern and super cool, special for kids to take to the Teddy Kids Leiden and cause some impressions!…by the way the song and video were recorded in…wait for it 1980.

1980 was the year I started getting into hair!

Ive been thinking lately that we might just be heading for an eighties revival…just a faint feeling…but you never know;)

Many say that the eighties were full of bad taste…maybe so but they were fun, expressive and experimental! Nothing wrong with that in my world;) So….secretly…I´m hoping for an eighties revival….especially if it looks this this…

Its Friday night…have a great weekend folks…..Enjoy:)


In Flames @ YOU

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Awesome lead Guitarist for Swedish metal band IN FLAMES was in for a cut with Steve;)
Short crop…big beard!
We like;)


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Hey YOU:)
Its Steve;)
You know…today is a pretty special day for Helene, I and the team and also for our brand…YOU:)
Part of the YOU concept Helene and I created with so much passion is
Today is the day we go live as we replace Sofis Mode online and include a wonderful editorial site, the best fashion and beauty shopping and inspiration you can find.
We are so proud and thankful for all the trust and support that so many people have shown and continue to show us and our concept.
All of us here at YOU thank you all soooo much for your continued belief and support! YOU are best!
And….Remember friends…YOU can do anything and everything…Yes….that means YOU;)
Our goal is to continue to develep together with you as we strive to bring you the very best we have to offer…stay tuned;)
Now…..let’s roll dudes!!!

Youtorial #2 with Angelica Blick

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Enjoy friends:)

Linda Hallberg @YOU beauty

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Linda Hallberg was in for her second visit with Lena here in our new Beauty Room…YOU beauty.
Looks like it got pretty interesting;)
See what happened here: YOU Beauty

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