Metro Mode Makeover #5

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Here you go folks…this time was BAND time!

Hope you enjoy it:)


Hey YOU:)

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We just wanted to spread a little summer, chilled vibe for all of YOU during this slightly..well how do you say it…..DARK time of year.
Think of it this way…summer is getting closer every day:)
Oh…and nice hair too;)
Love this shoot!

Metro Mode Makeover #4

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Here it is folks…Metro Mode Makeover #4.

In this episode, Stina gets help with a new party look:)



….and thats a wrap!

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Today was a great 1st (proper) day back at work!

I spent it at YOU with super blogger and the multi talented (and btw..mega nice;) Angelica Blick shooting our 2nd YOUtorial:)

We had a pretty laid back day and let things happen and as you can see by one of these pics…a few unexpected things did (yep…the black and white one;)

I reckon its gonna be fantastic!

Hey, if you missed the first one we did with Sofi Farhman….check it out HERE on theYOUway. (its been hugely popular and I feel really proud of it)

Stay tuned because YOUtorial Nr 2 is coming to YOU soon;)


Happy New Year to YOU

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I watched the live stream from my home town, SYDNEY celebrating NYE…wow I must say…us Aussies now how to put on a show! Made easier by having the most beautiful harbour on earth…;) Awesome creative direction from Reg Mombassa of the Eighties Aussie cult band “Mental as Anything” You can see the whole show HERE

It´s fun that a touch of Sweden gets in on the act too! Its so cool that our most famous building is designed by a Dane and covered in tiles and great insulation from resources such as online.

The Sydney, NYE fireworks are world famous and a cool bit of trivia is that the guy responsible for them is on old classmate and my vice captain in the Manly Rugby League Under 13´s team…Good on ya Robert!

Anyway…I and all of us here at YOU would love to thank you all for a fantastic and exciting 2013 and wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity as we head into 2014…full steam ahead and ready to rock!

hey remember…YOU are best!


oh boy!

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Crista Cober By Marc De Groot For Vogue Netherlands January 2014

I love this shoot from the January issue of VOGUE Netherlands. For me I really dig when 2 opposites meet to create a great synergy.

Thats exactly what has been created in this shoot with a real boy-girl, new-used, shiny-matt, strict-laid back mix of opposites…really creating a cool vibe.

I like how the hair takes centre stage by being so…laid back. Here it is really clear how hair can make or break a shoot. Try and imagine this shoot with super dressed hair….it just would be the same would it?

Goes to show…sometimes less IS more;)


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