A tip for you from Steve

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I was reading in the paper today about how dangerous the Aluminium that we find in most deodorants is, so is better to buy an all natural deodorant, which you can shop on our ecommerce store online.

I have actually been meaning to tip you about this Deo Stick from New York based Malin & Goetz.

Cecilia Blankens also loves it!

I usually get quite a reaction from a lot of deos and I just have to say…this on is in a league of its own…great for men, women and tweenies (Liam loves it)…works great…smells fresh and NO NASTIES like….Aluminium.

Hey YOU…you can check out Steves very own blog…HERE


YOUtorial time

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Hi all!

Hey this is something that I have been patiently waiting to share with you…now I can…YAY!

Recently we filmed our very 1st YOUtorial!

We chose to make Number 1 with the fantastic Sofi Fahrman:)

Now…this is not your standard tutorial folks…it is made to really capture the essence of our brand…YOU.

Please take a look….I really and truly hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it…oh….and that you pick up loads of cool tips along the way:)

If you are interested in checking out the products we used…just take a look HERE


-thankyou for being you

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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

From Steve to YOU…

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This is cool folks!

Just over a year ago Me and Helene created and founded the YOU

Now the team have asked me to choose 6 of my FAVO products for my own Blog up store in which I can make a special offer to online friends!

So…the way I chose was simple….I thought like this….if I had to only ever have 4 items to create the best hair I could (apart from my scissors and comb)…which 4 items would I choose? Well you see them below…all amazing in their own way…the best of the best!

Then I thought personally…which 2 products do I have at home that me and the family use every day…and really love?..well it turned out to be my 2 favourite products from my favourite Australian Brand…the awesome…Aesop! Not just because they are super stylish and smell…amaaaazing but they really are special to use! (a lot of peoples favourite Aesop products!)

Really if you haven´t tried them…DO IT! You want be disappointed…promise!

Here´s the good part…if you buy any 2 items…you receive a 50% discount on the cheapest one! Or even more if you get a credit card from When also looking for bad credit lenders, call now for fast approval & affordable payments at

Psst…there is really money to be saved here folks….So go for it!….Happy Christmas shopping…..starts…..HERE
oh…here´s a tip..check out Steve´s blog at Aftonbladets…Sofis Mode.


Noomi was back @YOU

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Awesome Noomi Rapace was back @YOU today:)
Noomi is getting ready for her next movie and loads of public appearances in the coming weeks so today was the day to get Noomi´s look happening…even more.
It was time for a cut and Style with Steve and colour with Sarah;)
After a long consultation with Steve and Sarah about the best colour for the new movie Sarah took Noomi´s blonde to a new…even cooler level!
and…she ROCKS it!

Sofi Fahrman & YOU

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Wow…I have just had the maaaaadest week…so much stuff going on, loads of really cool projects and meetings happening both with work and personally and there just isn´t enough hours in the day…

I simply have not had time to sit down and blog anything worth blogging…sorry guys!

Anyway…this week has been busy but its also been so great…especially Friday when my neighbour here on SOFIS MODE… Miss Sofi Fahrman joined me at YOU to film something that we think will be really cool and something new for (coming soon…I´ll keep you posted;)

All I can say is…great energy!
Hey you…why not check out my own blogg too ?


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