Amazig vein removal @ YOU

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Together with our amazing beauty therapist Lena Claesson we are now able to present the amazing EVRF® – Radiofrequency ablation! In English, that means that we now can treat loads of different veins, like spider veins, petechia, rosacea and all sorts of varicose veins!

The ablation of varicose veins is based on thermocoagulation. The principle of thermocoagulation is heating the vein which makes it coagulate. This rise in temperature is achieved by sending a high frequency pulse into the tip of the needle. Because of the rise in temperature the EVRF generator
EVRF generatorproteins in the arterial wall will solidify and make the vein disappear. The body will automatically cause the blood to healthy veins and the restoration of normal circulation interrogator the superficial veins, but you can also take a hormone replacement at the same time to help you fight those veins quicker. The treated vein becomes scar tissue and will after time to be absorbed by the body.

Small veins on the face or on the legs are treated with a needle holder in combination with the special designed thermocoagulation needles with an extremely sharp needle tip. Due to this, the treatment is almost painless and causes only very light stains that completely disappear within a few days.

With the EVRF®, very little to no bruising or swelling have been reported
– and the results are amazing!

If you want to book an appointment with Lena, you can call 08-23 88 88 and for more information about YOU Beauty and our treatments, please click HERE!

Remember, it is all for…YOU!

Tom Thomasson was @ YOU

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Tom Thomasson came in to see Adam and to get that perfect, modern take
on the1950’s quiff.

Tom, this is so…YOU!

To book your appointment online with our gentlemen specialist Adam, please use this LINK
or call 08-23 88 88.

Looking forward to seeing…YOU! :)

Maria Rincon @YOU

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Maria  Rincon_Sarah-compressed

When you have super curly hair, like Maria has, it is hard to find a hair stylist that really can take on the curls and bring them to life. Well, after a session with Sarah, Maria doesn’t look unhappy, ey? Defined, luscious curls that really gets to flow free and live their on lives.
This is beautiful!

Do make the curls happy all year around Sarah recommended the Curl Conscious range from Bumble&Bumble. They ahave specially adapted products for defining or relaxing curls.

The power of Vitamin K @ YOU

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We have got the latest and best beauty tip just for…YOU!

The “K” is taken from the German word “koagulation,” which means the formation of blood clots and it is precisely that what Vitamin K is best known for  – its ability to help blood to clot.

Vitamin K:

  • Helps fade and clear bruises
  • Works for all skin types
  • Reduce appearance of spider veins on face
  • Improve appearance of broken capillaries

Medical studies show that smoothing vitamin K cream onto a bruise can limit the leaking of blod under the skin and reducing the severity of a bruise!
Also, some dark circles under the eye area are caused by fragile capillaries leaking blood in the delicate and thin skin undereye area where the skin is so thin the blood is clearly visible in the form of brown bags. Gently tapping on a vitamin K cream can diminish the discoloration by causing the blood to clot, stopping it from spreading, while also helping to prevent further leakage. Vitamin K helps visibly brighten and reduce the appearance of dark circles, fatigue, bruising, after rubbing, surgery, allergies and fine lines, by combating the underlying cause of darkening.

Here at YOU Stockholm you can find two products with Vitamin K cream for the face which will help you with redness, sprider veins and bruises, and the Power K eye rescue from
Peter Thomas Roth which is great for dark circles under the eyes!

Welcome in! =)

Alina Nordling was @YOU

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Alina had her first session ever at YOU Stockholm with Sarah. Together they decided on a softly layered shape, with a 1970’s inspired fringe that is so chic and sweet and has become so popular, we’d like to call it “the Sarah fringe!”

To book your cut or color appointment with Sarah, or anyone from the amazingly talented You Crew, please follow this link or call 08-23 88 88

We look forward to seeing you:)

Personalized Skin Care @YOU

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We at @YOUStockholm are happy to be able to offer you the
best skin care available!  With us we have one of Sweden’s, most sort after and popular specialist skin therapist – Dr. Jeffrey Epstein!

-”I work a lot with different unique combination treatments to achieve the best possible results for you. My goal is to help you to look and feel as good as only you can . I want to give you the help and knowledge you need to maintain a good skin health . We coach you until you think your skin is manageable on your own” / Lena Cleasson

Every start of treatment begins with a consultation to find out your specific needs and goals. Lena will guide you and together you will plan your treatment. There after you decide how to move forward, if it is with a chemical peel, a dermabrasion, with Ultrasound, with Radio frequency, a CryoPen or, with a Lenas special
– the Dermapen! 

Dermapen opens up the skin barrier using small needles. This works by mechanics and goes so quickly you will hardly feel a thing. By adding millions of small holes in the skin, all the active products added on will go deep into the skin layers. Dermapen also stimulates the skin’s natural collagen which will help to restore the skin prior density, improve texture of the skin and smoothens out wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, reduces pigmentation. The treatment makes the skin a little bit thicker and reduces different types of scars and reduces enlarged blood vessels.

Lena works with products, peelings and machines of the highest quality and function, and most important, Lena has a big dose of passion for YOU!
She will bespoke and personalize all treatments to suit your special needs!

For more information about treatments, products and bookings, please contact us on
08-23 88 88!
We are looking forward to seeing…YOU! 

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