Youl Kalender…Lucka # 21

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Get in the right Christmas mood with the right Xmas songs! Here’s the tunes that float Hanna Linnea’s boat! From her to you :)

Top 5 Christmas songs:
*1 : Hej mitt vinterland
*2 : Tänd ett ljus
*3 : Det strålar en stjärna
*4 : All I want for Christmas is You

*5 : Do they know it’s Christmas

Could this be our very own “You” Christmas theme song?

Please enjoy this suuuuper cool version of a classic Christmas tune!

Youl Kalender…Lucka # 20

On Christmas Eve in Sweden everybody knows that when the clock hits 15.00 – You don’t eat, you don’t talk, and Santa can definitively wait an hour. It’s Kalle Anka time!!
Bettina has put together the ultimate Kalle Anka top list :

*1 : Tomteverkstaden
*2 : Lady & Luffsen
*3 : Snövit
*4 : Tjuren Ferdinand
*5 : Askungen


Youl Kalender…Lucka # 19…Check this out!

Hey You…here we go again!

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