Marie was back @ You, here´s how to get the look!:)

Marie Serenholt was back @ You and had her hair styled by Steve;)

We didn´t get a shot while Marie was in the salon but found this pic on Marie´s blog and just had to borrow it;)

(Thanks Marie;)

Here is how we did it:

Step 1) First we washed and conditioned Marie´s hair then dried it just naturally with EVO´s Day of Grace  Leave in Conditioner as a light product choice.

Step 2) We sectioned the hair up from ear to ear across the back to achieve 2 sections top and bottom.

Step 3) A cone shaped curling iron called CeraWand was used to curl Marie´s hair by taking 2 cm wide sections and winding the hair from the bottom and out. Hold the Wand vertically and away from the face on both sides.

Step 4) Once the hair was heated up 10 sec each section was left to cool.

Step 5) Once cooled the hair was shaken out with using first fingers and then brushed out with a simple cushion brush.

Step 6) Finished with a touch of Young again and Powder puff by Kevin Murphy and a touch of OSIS Session spray.


Tip: The CeraWand is a great and affordable choice of wand which has heat control and is of good quality…of course available here @ You.

That´s good teamwork….;)


Check out Marie´s blog here: