You Rock!

We @ You found this shoot with Erin Wasson by Fred Meylan for the June issue of Elle France.

We just had to share it with you…we LOVE it!….Do You?

This Rocks!!



Take it and make it You;)

We @ you are influenced by many things, not least the fashion houses and the campaigns they produce. Whether we like it or not, even if we are unaware, many of these images will in some way influence how we look and/or at least how we interpret fashion next season.

Now we are starting to see some of the big fashion houses campaigns in leading magazines so we thought we would share them with You!

Use these pictures as inspiration….then take it and make it You;)


Jay Jay Johanson @ You:)

Cool Jay Jay Johanson was @ You and had his hair cut with Steve:)

Jay Jay is a fantastic Swedish Singer Songwriter Artist. He has toured in over 30 countries and released a number of internationally successful albums and singles.

Jay Jay is about to record a new video for an upcoming release and was after a new look moving away from his long middle parted hairstyle.

So a sweeping side part with a heavy long fringe, light layers and minimum product created a whole new look without cutting all of his hair off!

Check out Jay Jay here:

Heres a tip for You…

Subtle changes like changing a parting, lightly layering and changing the balance in your haircut can often make a big difference without having to take to drastic measures;)