You Punks!

Punk is a subculture which emerged in the Mid Seventies in the UK, US and Australia.

Punk is a protest against everything commercial. The punk style is to do everything yourself with no previous knowledge needed. Punk should look, feel and sound home made!

While the punk movement still exists, today it is without doubt one of our most influential fashion statements.

Punk has captured our imagination and has gone from the streets to the high end fashion houses, catwalks and glossy fashion magazines.

Punk is a huge influence which can be adapted in so many ways.

Thanks You Punks!

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/ Beatrice

Details: Think…You

As Apple founder Steve Jobs said “The ones that think different are the ones that make a difference”

Can it be as simple as “Thinking You”?

By Thinking You you go your own way, create your own style and develop your own ideas by not following the main stream.

We love and encourage different thinking.

Think You…That´s Different!


Loose it…;)

Loose up styles are perfect when you feel a bit lazy with yourself.

Why?  They are easy AND look hot ;)

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Hang loose;)