Inspiration for YOU:)

We @ YOU love this shoot and we hope You do too;)

It´s called Edie on the Brink  and we found it in the spring-summer issue of Rika Magazine where they tap Edie Campbell for its cover shoot which highlights youthful rebellion.

We like that;)


Hanna was @ YOU : )

Hanna Lindberg was @ YOU to see Therece & Hanna E for some springfeeling! : )
Therece and Hanna were looking for a natural colour, using slightly deeper and colder tones in the roots and adding that sun kissed touch with some lighter tones in the fringe and the lengths. The hair was cut into a textured a-line shape with a soft fringe.
Products used was Anti gravity and Power puff by Kevin Murphy with a touch of OSIS Session spray to top it off.
We like! : )


Full Again @ YOU;))

We’ve got a new member from the Kevin Murphy family looking hot in our shelves @ YOU! Let us present – Full Again!

We all want that thick voluminous hair. Easy with this new amazing product from Kevin Murphy.
This is a weightless thickening lotion filled with essential oil of Amyris and Rayon particles that creates a thicker surface making fine hair act thicker!
Apply in damp hair on mid-lengths and ends and blow dry in to the hair.

Now in stock @ YOU! :D