Love the multies!

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Multi Products is something you just have to love! You might have a small bathroom, going away and want to pack light or just  want to be a little economical with the best possible results for minimum effort. Then these clever products to be something just for…YOU!

Dry Shampoo
The multi product of the multi products!
- Usually we don’t want a dry shampoo leaving white residues in the hair, but if you usually bleach your hair you can keep your outgrowth in place with a good (or bad?) dry shampoo to mask the roots.
- Dry shampoo also creates volume, texture and is perfect to spray through your hair before you do a hair up. Then your hairpins will sit better and more secure in the hair.
- After creating curls in your hair you can keep them nicely separated by spraying your lengths with dry shampoo. This will take down the natural oils that usually makes the curls stick together.
- You give your hair a neat volume of spraying dry shampoo in it while you have your head up side down.
- …and, of course, you can skip washing your hair if you refresh it with dry shampoo occasionally. Multi!
Tips: Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair

Super Soap
This product can be used not only for the whole 18 different areas – it will also in eight different scents!
All oils and essential oils are certified organic to the National Organic Standards Program and is therefore okay to consume or use out in the wild. Dr. Bronner’s soaps can be used as:
- facial cleansing,
- massage oil,
- hand soap,
- baby oil,
- shower gel,
- suntan lotion,
- bubble bath,
- toilet cleaning,
- shampoo,
- car wash,
- shaving cream,
- laundry detergent,
- toothpaste,
- dish soap,
- mouthwash,
- pet wash,
- deodorant,
- cleaning of dentures.
Tips: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure Castile Soap

Durable base
A CC-cream can be used as both a color smoothing primer or directly as a foundation.
- The product usually contain vitamins and antioxidants, and best of all, a high SPF.
- You get sheen, get beautiful skin directly and you protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
- You do not really need at all any day cream for a good CC cream.
Tips: Peter Thomas Roth, CC Cream

Super styler
Obviously, you can tell by its name, a hair straightener is there to help you flatten your hair straight. . But,  if you are a bit handy, you can also use the straightener as a really nice curling iron!
- You can create curls, waves and cork screws with a few simple moves.
- You vary the size of the curls by taking different amounts of hair between the plates
-  Do not squeeze the plates hard when you twist your hair, then it will look like you have nicks in the hair.
- You should not rotate the straightener, but pull your hair “over and across” the plates and then pull straight out.
- For each curl you create, let it cool thoroughly and fix it with a spray.
Tips: GHD, Eclipse

Beauty Balm
A “Beauty Balm” is a fat, nutritious cream that you can use to:
- remove makeup,
- gently exfoliate the skin,
- use as a nourishing face mask or as a nutritious, rich night cream.
- Helps to heal small wounds and is perfect for those with sensitive or very dry skin.
- You can also use a “Beauty Balm” on cuticles, lips or dry elbows or feet.
- This type of beauty balm is usually composed of different combinations of oil, vitamins and shea butter.
Tips: The Organic Pharmacy, Rose Balm

Beatrice Sameland was @ YOU


Beatrice’s first visit with Solmaz was a complete success!
To give Beatrice’s hair that “something, something” Solmaz added a mixture of ice cool blonde highlights and caramel colored ones.
This effect, with warm and cool tones, gives an extra depth to the color and makes it really unique.

And, one of the best things is that: You can book an appointment with Solmaz ONLINE!
Just click HERE and select Color 120 minutes, the name Solmaz, and what day you would like to come,
it is as easy as that! =)

Have an awesome weekend and hope to see you soon!




To chop or not to chop?


Hey You:)

One of the questions I get quite often is “Can I cut my hair short ?” and “What should I think of ?”

When some of our biggest celebs and models go out and have a haircut, like for example Jennifer Lawrence, the exposure is usually huge and automatically…a short hair trend is born.

Short and/or shorter hair can make such a difference to your look and the way you feel and….short hair can be every bit as sexy and versatile as long hair!

I remember once when I had a client that had kept your long hair since she was a kid. After a good talk we decided to “take the chop” and we gave her a cool new style…I thought so anyway until…she started crying!

I was really taken back…then she looked at me and said…thankyou…this is the first time that, when I look into the mirror…I see me just how I imagine I should look ! The ultimate feedback, which goes to show just how profound a good restyle can do for you.

So to help you guys with the decision process, if you are now considering taking the chop, I have put together a little…”Things to think of” before you let the length fall to the floor.

Is it YOU? 

Short hair. When you’re considering a change by drastically reducing the length of your hair it can feel like a blind leap of faith when you go for the chop.  Should you lop off the hair it took months, sometimes years to grow and if so how short do you go? Personally I feel that if you really want to do it…just do it! Hey…it´s only hair…it grows. Saying that…getting the right look can be the difference between rejoice and regret so below I´ve put together a short checklist to help you in the decision process and give you a little moral support;)

Find out your face shape 

Your face shape can give hints as to what you might look like with shorter hair. If you have a round face avoid cutting your hair too close to your chin for example as this will enhance a round face. Most other face shapes will suit a style just above the shoulder. If you go to a good hairdresser, he or she will be able to advise you on what sort of shapes and styles will help you to enhance the features you want to enhance and…the the others;) In my opinion…the is a shorter style for everyone.

How thick are your hair strands? 

As long as your hair is not both frizzy and thick strand thickness should not be an issue, however, if it is on the thicker side you might need to style it a bit more once it’s been cut. Your hairdresser will be able to tell you your hair thickness once you’re with them. Then there are products…products are so advanced nowadays that even if your hair is thick…and frizzy, with the right cut and products you shouldn´t have an issue.

What´s your hair texture?

The texture of your hair will affect the way your hair will fall once you’ve cut off some length so If you have thick, coarse or frizzy hair my advice is to avoid cutting your hair too short. This type of hair is even more prone to frizz after the cut. Be sure to have a really good consultation with your hairdresser, preferably your regular stylist. This is because they have a better understanding of you, your hair and how much you like to work with it.

Hows the condition of your hair?

If your hair is in need a bit of love your hairdresser can help work out a style that will work best for your hair texture. Most haircuts look better with healthy hair but if your hair is a bit, you should go for a more textured look as this is easier to style and will take less time for you in the morning.

Figure out which hairstyles you like 

Think about how you like to wear your hair and how you’ll want to style it once you have made the change. Some styles, like braids and plaits, can be tricky but you can still experiment with a variety of styles. What sort of statement you want to make with your new style. Look at pictures of people, celebs, friends….whoever really. When you have a number of pictures of people and styles that inspire you….take them to your hairdresser and look through them together. Lots of people think that the stylist might be offended if you take a picture with you but…hey…if your stylist is one of them….change stylist! We are here for you and if you were to bring pictures of what you like I would be more than happy….then I would be happy if you listen to my professional advice.

How committed are you to keeping it in form?

With shorter hair you will need to return to your hairdresser every six to eight weeks. This helps you maintain the shape but with a good haircut  it should only really require a minimal amount of styling to achieve the right look

Just do it

So…now you are ready…and if you feel for it, I say…

Just do it…the YOU way!

Here are my top 3 products for short hair:

* Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy

* More Inside Sea Salt Spray by Davines

* Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo by Kevin Murphy


Read more of Steve’s excellent tips in his blog at:

Photo: BULLS

Jesper Hamrin Eriksson was @ YOU


Brooklyn Beckham was the inspiration when Jesper turned to Adam for a new look! 

To create and maintain this awesome styling Adam used a mixture of his two favorite products: Bumble&bumble Grooming Creme for soft hold and shine, and Bumble&bumble SumoTech for strong hold and awesomeness!

Pingvinstång @ YOU


We @ YOU are so happy to now be able to present Pingvinstång to YOU!

Pingvinstång, or the “Penguin rod”, is one of Scandinavia’s favorite candy!
The Pingvinstång consists of an outer layer of, for example, licorice in different flavors, surrounding a filling that also comes in different flavors.

And we can offer you the best ones here at You Stockholm! How about:
Salta hallonstång
Sur smultronstång
Sur melonstång

Come on by here at Birger Jarlsgatan 37 and check us out!
And maybe, just maybe…also have a Pingvinstång! :)

Quench your thirst!


Give your hair a good “after-summer-drink” with the Bumble and bumble’s Quenching line!

The products are designed specifically for hair that is damaged and thirsty due to heat exposure, whether it be from heated styling tools or from your home heating system.
Not only does Quenching moisturize the hair, it also repairs and restores damaged locks!

The Quenching line consists of 4 products: shampoo, conditioner, masque, and a leave-in daily restorative complex.

Love the sun, protect yourself and prepare for summer with You Stockholm! <3