Sandrella was @ YOU

IMG_4749-compressedSandrella Ibrahim came to see Jack for a BIG change!
About 30 centimeters was released from her length and shaped into a sharp and sassy short bob.

Sandrella was all smiles after the cut and felt so much lighter!

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We look forward to seeing…YOU!

Stephanie was @YOU

IMG_4242-compressedStephanie Stöpfgeshoff saw Victoria for a cut and a color, and then got styled with
the ever so awesome Cera Wand!

The Cera Wand is a curling iron with ceramic finish that creates glossy curls without frizz. You can control the heat from 180C up to 210C, and it is also featured with a 3 meter long rotating cord! With this rod you can create both rich loose natural curls and by using the pliers outer end you can get tighter and more structured curls.

“You know I get loads of questions about how I achieve Victoria´s Secret waves (a great spring party look;) and…well…its no secret….this is it…the Cera Wand…hands down the best curler there is…I love it…and its super affordable,
a good investment;)”

       – Steve Terry, concept creator and hair guru.

Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask @ YOU


Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask actually won the “Årets bästa fuktmask” from prestigious magazine Damernas Värld. And what a wonderful mask it is!

It recovers lost moisture balance in dull, dry skin leaving it supple and radient. The mask features moisture-retaining ingredients to hold skin hydration and form a water-retaining barrier, which is very important now in February. As a bonus, the mask contains Vitamin A that derivatives work to reduce fine lines and the signs of ageing whilst optimising moisture levels.

What a treat for your skin!

You can find the full range of Beauté Pacifique products here at YOU Stockholm.

YOU <3 Stadsmissionen

Stadsmissionen_YOU-compressedWe at YOU Stockholm just love to give back to our community. To give without expecting something in return is a way for us to show our appreciation, and is also a strong motivator for the whole You Crew.

Today we had a visit from Stadsmissionen who picked up five fully packed boxes of beauty from our salon. These beauty boxes will hopefully bring joy and little light into someone less fortunate’s world.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi 


Martin Hedevåg was @YOU


Fresh, neat, sharp. Martin got the perfect hair cut after a session with YOU Gentleman specialist Adam. 

Do you need a fresh look, a small trim or a complete make over – Adam is the man for you!
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Nicole Jansson was @YOU

Nicole really lights up the wintery darkness with her new cut and awesome deep-red color that Sarah created just for her! 

To really maintain the “pop” in the color, Nicole took with her a Fabuloso Purple Red.
A color booster that within just 3 minutes will revive your color,
the shine and intensity of your hair.
Fabuloso is available in many different colors and, of course, you can find them all here
at YOU Stockholm!

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